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RS:X Continental Championships

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The RS:X Continental Championship is an annual regatta staged in a continent's country where there is an active National RS:X Class Association or in a country where the National Sailing Federation is actively developing the sport of windsurfing with the aim of sending an athlete (man/woman) to the Olympic Regatta.

Continental Championships:
RS:X North American Championships
RS:X South American Championships
RS:X African Championships
RS:X Asian Championships
RS:X Oceanic Championships
(RS:X European Championships are shown here)

RSXFBThubnail 2014 RS:X South American Championships
3rd -7th December 2014
Peru Beach, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

Notice of Race (not published yet)

logo FAV 100 2014 RS:X African Championships
28th September-5th October 2014

Notice of Race

Logo NA 2014 Cancun

2014 RS:X North American Championships
20th-23rd February 2014
Cancun, MEXICO

Event Report
Results:  RS:X 9.5 Fleet         RS:X 8.5 Fleet

Event website:

Logo Manley SC 100 2014 RS:X Oceanic Championships
14th-16th February 2014
Whangaparaoa, NEW ZELAND

Notice of Race
Final Results

Event website:
2014Asianslogo 2014 RS:X Asian Championships
22nd-26th January 2014
East Coast Parway, SINGAPORE

Final Results

Event website:
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Aquece Rio Test Event
International Sailing Regatta 2014

Rio de Janeiro, BRASIL
2nd-9th August 2014

NoR      SI's

Results M         Results W


2014 ISAF Sailing World Championships
Santander, SPAIN
8th - 21st September 2014

Notice of Race

2014 RS:X Youth World Windsurfing Championships
Clearwater, USA
18th - 25th October 2014

Notice of Race is coming soon


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