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RS:X Class Youth Development Policy

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If you have not ready the accompanying article on the rationale behind this policy, please click here

Age Divisions
The RS:X class will include the following age Divisions in its championships mirroring national activities U21(Espoir)
U19 (as in ISAF Youth World Championships)
U17 (just introduced)

We see that having an overlap with the Bic Techno class at the bottom end of the age range is a good thing. It will keep more young adults in the sport and allow them to race on equipment that is suitable to their body weight/physique.

Unified Youth Equipment Strategy
Currently the U19 Youth Men and Youth Women use the 8.5m rig and 60cms fin. This is proving successful. Please note that there are fewer 8.5m sails in the market place than 9.5ms so the introduction of the following should assist those involved.

U17 Youth Boys
Given the weight/height standards quoted, the the 8.5m rig and 60cms may well be suitable for the U17 Boys although this under review. Neil Pryde has been asked to develop a lighter, more flexible and less expensive 8.5m sail which will fit on the existing 490cms mast. This will be tested against the existing 8.5m rig.

U17 Youth Girls
Given the weight/height statistics, Testing of a 7.0m or 7.5m new lighter, more flexible and less expensive sail should be carried out with a view to introducing it for the U17 Youth Girls.

RS:X Youth Format
It was agreed by the RS:X Class AGM in New Zealand in January 2008 that the RS:X Youth Championships should trial changes to the format currently in use.

Some frustration was expressed during the recent 08 YWC in Thailand because only able 2 races per day were possible despite planing conditions existing on many afternoons.

We will therefore trial a new format at the 09OYEC and the 09YWC. This will include a max of 16 races which will be shorter in duration. The proposed maximum number of races per day in planing conditions is 4 and in marginal planning or displacement conditions is 2. We are working on the details of the SIs now. These will involve smaller group sizes = shorter lines = shorter windward legs = shorter races)

RS:X Youth Championships

RS:X Youth World Championships
Class Policy is that The RS:X Youth World Championship should be staged outside Europe every other year. Criteria for all venues is that they offer good value for money to participants and are close to at least one major airline hub city
2007 RS:X YWC - Sopot, Poland
2008 RS:X YWC - Pattaya, Thailand
2009 RS:X YWC - Yalikavak, Turkey
2010 RS:X YWC - Limassol, Cyprus
2011 RS:X YWC - Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
2012 RS:X YWC - Penghu, Taiwan
2013 RS:X YWC - Civitavecchia, Italy

RS:X Youth Continental Championships (Outside Europe )
Youth Divisions will be included in RS:X Continental Championships

RS:X Youth European Championships
Current policy states that the YEC will only be staged in a year when the YWC is not being held in Europe although the RS:X Executive made the decision to stage a 2009 YEC despite the fact the YWC will also be in Europe in 2009. The future will be discussed at the 2009 AGM with the possibility that a decision will be made to stage the YEC annually. In the meantime, the views of national youth coaches will be sought.

RS:X Youth Policy Conclusion
The RS:X Class should operate a policy of constantly monitoring all aspects of its youth policy so that the format, rig size, age groups and other details are optimized annually.

The maximum number of races per day should be considered relative to the age of the Age Division.

These are points for on-going testing and discussion.



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