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2009 RS:X Youth Format: Changed

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The RS:X Class has decided to update the format for youth racing in 2009. The board was changed in 2004 for a more modern wide style planing hull. The format we are racing has remained almost the same since 1996 perhaps longer.

We will therefore produce a separate Youth version of the RS:X Standard Championship Sailing Instructions.  The format will now include

  • Max number of races in a series = 16
  • Max number of races per day in planing conditions = 4
  • Max number of races per day in displacement conditions = 2
  • Max time to windward mark = 10 minutes (reduced from 15 minutes)
  • Time Limit = 40 minutes (reduced from 50 minutes)
  • Race Target Time = 25 minutes in planing conditions (reduced from 35 minutes)
  • If 30 or fewer boards are entered, they will sail in one fleet
  • If to 30 to 40 boards are entered, they may sail in one fleet or two or more groups
  • If  41 to 120 boards are entered, they will sail in two or more groups.
  • Discards = 1st after 4; 2nd after 12
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