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Day 2 Video - 2014 RS:X Asians

2014 RS:X Asian Championships as part of the SIM 33rd Singapore Open Windsurfing Championships



2014 RS:X Asian Championships Close To The End

14 asians 140124316hp1 4690The 2014 RS:X Asian Championships has reached 9 races in all RS:X divisions. With planing conditions the races are run smoothly and on schedule. Although by the locals the venue is know as challenging leaders of RS:X men classifications seams to have worked it well. In the senior fleet Boonswawad Ek from Thailand has won 8 races and Kikabhoy Rafeek in the youth division has 7 bullets are both seams untouchable on the the leader positions. 

In the senior fleet Chang Hao from Taipei, who climbed to the second position on the second day of racing, has defended it on the day 3 and with an advantage of 5 points keeps good chances for a silver medal. In the third place Ong Leonard from Singapore has lost only 2 races to his rival in the 4th position Magmanlac Kendell Nick from Philippines and seams to be secure for bronze medal too. 


Day 1 Video - 2014 RS:X Asians

2014 RS:X Asian Championships as part of the SIM 33rd Singapore Open Windsurfing Championships



2014 RS:X Asian Championships Has Begun

14 asians 140123461hp1 3894-1Racing begun for the 2014 RS:X Asian Championships being held in Singapore. First 3 races were run in a perfect wind of 12-15 knots giving a nice and fun beginning to the regatta.

The conditions were favourable for Boonsawad Ek from Thailand, top in men's division, who scored 2 bullets and a second place finishing the day only with 5 points. Ong Leonard from Singapore in the second and Chang Hao from Taipei in the third position will begin the second day with 8 points. 

In the youth men Kikabhoy Rafeek from Hong Kong, the winner of the 2013 RS:X Asians, and Chinain Pattharadnai from Thailand, third in last Asians, switched the winning position race by race. Kikabhoy ended the day with 1 point advantage and surely will have to fight to keep the top position in further races. Leung Tsz Chung from Hong Kong after finishing three times third is classified in the third position. 

In the women top 3 places are taken by Hong Kong. Ngai Wai Yan is leading being one point ahead of Lo Sin Lam. Ngai Wai Yan won youth classification in the last Asians and now seams to head for a victory in the senior fleet, but Lo Sin Lam who ended the last Championships with a silver medal surly will not make it easy for her. Young Ma Kwan Ching, the leader of youth classification, is taking the 3rd position overall. 

The racing will last until Sunday 26th January, with 9 more races scheduled. 


2014 RS:X North Americans - Register Now!

logo-north-american-brownThe 2014 RS:X North American Windsurfing Championships will begin shortly in Cancun, Mexico. 

Racing will take place on the waters of Cancun Maya Caribbean Sea between 20th-24th February. 

For RS:X sailors this is qualification event for 2015 Pan American Games.


Online registration is open until 31st January through the event website Registrations made after the deadline will be accepted with late entry fee. Check the Notice of Race for all detailed information. 

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