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New Vice Presidents and Treasurer elected

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Dominique Vallee
(CAN) and Pedro Bulhoes (BRA) were elected as Vice Presidents and
Raul Saubidet (ARG) as the Treasurer of the RS:X Class. Congratulations!

We have received 3 valid nominations for two Vice President positions and 1 valid nomination for a Treasurer's position, all supported by at least three Full Members as required by the RS:X Class Constitution

  • Dominique Vallee (CAN) for Vice President
  • Nicolas Huguet (FRA) for Vice President
  • Pedro Bulhoes (BRA) for Vice President
  • Raul Saubidet (ARG) for Treasurer
As there was only 1 valid nomination for Treasurer's position then according to the RS:X Class Constitution 10.4.2, Raul Saubidet (ARG) has been declared elected by acclamation without a vote.
Raul Saubidet ARG
Raul Saubidet (ARG)

According to the votes sent by the Full Members, Dominique and Pedro were elected as Vice Presidents.
Dominique Vallee                Pedro Bulhoes
Dominique Vallee (CAN)        Pedro Bulhoes (BRA)
The new Vice Presidents and Treasurer took up their new roles at the Annual General Meeting.
The new Executive Committee (9) was elected with the term until the AGM in the year after the Olympic Games i.e. AGM 2017.
The members are:
Carlo Dalla Vedova (ITA) - President
Dominque Vallee (CAN) - Vice President
Pedro Bulhoes (BRA) - Vice President
Raul Saubidet (ARG) - Treasurer
Andrus Poksi (EST) - Executive Secretary
Manu Messiaen (FRA) - Manufatory's Representative
Ilker Bayindir (TUR) - Chairman of the Technical Committee
Bryony Shaw (GBR) - Sailors Representative
Ronnie Meir (ISR) - Coaches Representative
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