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New ISAF World Sailing Rankings are published

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The latest (28th April 2014) rankings in RS:X events, along with their finish position in the recent ISAF Sailing World Cup events in Mallorca (ESP) and Hyeres (FRA).

ISAFLogo-World RankingsRS:X Men
1. Ho Tsun Leung (HKG); 11-12
2. Ricardo Santos (BRA); 7-8
3. Tom Squires (GBR); 24-11

Ranking RS:X Men - 28th April 2014

RS:X Women
1. Flavia Tartaglini (ITA); 6-5
2. Bryony Shaw (GBR); 4-DNC
3. Laura Linares (ITA); 11-18

Ranking RS:X Women - 28th April 2014

Note: Many top sailors lack 6 events

The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) updated and enhanced its ISAF Sailing World Rankings system for fleet racing after the 2012 Olympics, launching the new system in September 2012.
The key changes were

- A one year rolling system
- Sailors can count points from a maximum of six regattas
- Regattas would be classified in three categories: 200-pointers, 100-pointers or 50-pointers
- Simplified calculation formula
- Olympic Games and Test Events will not be graded regattas.

 The current ranking system is an improvement over the system used in the previous Olympic quadrennial, and with the latest ranking release (April 28, 2014), it does appear to be crawling closer to what’s happening on the water.

 The key is for the top sailors to have six quality regattas to maximize their score. It is expected that by the time this new ranking system is two years old, it should finally reflect the performance on the water.

Calculation information i.e. how this system works - Click here.

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